Three poems by Alan Riach

Today we have an exciting miscellany of poems by Alan Riach who is both a distinguished poet and academic, being Professor of Scottish Literature at the University of Glasgow. The poems on offer today show Alan’s preoccupation with Scottish literary histories and antecedents. The first poem ‘Geerie’ is an affectionate portrait of the poet Robert Garioch (1909-1981) and it featured in a recent exhibition called ‘Landmarks: Poets, Portraits and Landscapes of Modern Scotland’ where paintings by Alexander Moffat were accompanied by poems by Riach and landscapes of the territories of poets depicted by Ruth Nicol. It is hoped that the exhibition will go to Biggar later this year. The other two poems are free translations from the Gaelic and are part of Alan’s ongoing project to create English versions of Duncan Ban MacIntyre‘s ‘Praise of Ben Dorain’ and Alasdair mac Mhaighstir Alasdair‘s ‘The Birlinn of Clan Ranald’ (both published as pamphlets by Kettillonia). Alan’s most recent poetry collection is The Winter Book (Luath Press, 2017).


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