Two poems by Richard Livermore

Today we have two short poems from the Edinburgh-based poet and writer Richard Livermore who is also the mastermind behind Chanticleer Press which published a print journal Chanticleer and then its digital successor Ol’ Chanty. These are very recent poems that come out of our fractious times but also show Richard’s interest in Surrealism and fractured discourse.




Our universe

is one huge


killing machine

– which is why


we must find

an alternative one


where Harlequin

rules and the laws


of nature

no longer apply.



Anything You Say May Be Taken Down

And Used In Evidence Against You


Only the moon has the right

to stay silent. The wind has

to whistle for that’s what you do


when you’re lost in the dark,

echo-locating moths on the wing

as they fly through the night


unaware that their fate

depends on a bounce that only

the bats in the belfry can hear.