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Articles, book chapters, contributions to journals (selection):

  • (2022) online articles on Duncan Glen and Akros and Ian Hamilton Finlay’s Poor. Old. Tired. Horse for the Scottish Magazines Network
  • (2021) online article on the short-lived Scottish periodical Sidewalk for Scott Hames, ed. Scottish Magazines Network.
  • (forthcoming) article on epic poetry from the perspective of a miniaturist for Northwords Now.
  • (2021) ‘Introduction’ to the new reprint of Stuart MacGregor’s novel The Sinner (Leamington Books, Edinburgh).
  • (2020) peer-reviewed article: ‘“It does not mak siccar you ken aboot weemin”: The Fight to be Heard in the Poetry of Joan Ure’, in Journal of Irish and Scottish Studies Vol 10 / Issue 2 (‘Love, Loss and Landscape’).
  • (2020) peer-reviewed article, ‘”I am just as typically Scottish”: G. S. Fraser as Scottish Poet’ in Studies in Scottish Literature Vol. 45 / Issue 2.
  • (2020) article ‘Remembering Alexander Hutchison‘ for Wild Court. 
  • (2019) peer-reviewed article: ‘A Man in Constant Revolt: Hugh MacDiarmid’s Poetry of World War Two’, in International Review of Scottish Studies. 
  • (2019) joint article written with Alistair Peebles about the poetry of Joan Ure, online: Brae Editions.
  • (2019) article on Edwin Morgan’s poetry of World War Two with an emphasis on his long poem sequence ‘The New Divan’, published online: Wild Court
  • (2017-2019), a series of ten in-depth reviews of poetry collections (Don Paterson, Frank Kuppner, Liz Lochhead et al) and academic books for The Bottle Imp (ASLS).
  • (2018) review of Scotland in Europe / Europe in Scotland – in Scottish Studies Newsletter.
  • (2017) in-depth joint review of The International Companion to Edwin Morgan and The International Companion to Scottish Poetry for Scottish Affairs (Vol. 26, No. 3: EUP).
  • (2017) article: ‘Sydney Goodsir Smith on Roy Campbell’ – in Fras (no. 27).
  • (2017) peer-reviewed article: ‘Tom Scott as Religious Poet: The Paschal Candill in Context’ – in Studies in Scottish Literature.
  • (2017) article: ‘“Mither Tongue”: Scottish Women Poets of the 20th Century’ – in The Dark Horse (no. 38).
  • (2016) article: The Sinner by Stuart MacGregor – online at Bella Caledonia
  • (2016) peer-reviewed essay: ‘Joan Ure: The dangers of fighting to be heard in poetry’ – online for The Dangerous Women Project (University of Edinburgh).
  • (2016) a series of nine commissioned critical / biographical studies (2000-3000 words each) of Scottish poets for the Scottish Poetry Library website. These include: Andrew Young; Ian Abbot; Douglas Young; Alasdair Maclean; Alexander Scott; Ruthven Todd; Alan Bold; Tom Buchan; Joan Ure.
  • (2015) article: ‘Hay saw Bizerta burn’: Scottish Poetry in North Africa during World War Two – online at magazine. 
  • (2015) chapter: ‘Mak siccar’: A Reading and Critical Commentary of Hamish Henderson’s Elegies for the Dead in Cyrenaica – in Eberhard Bort, ed., Anent Hamish Henderson: Essays, Poems, Reviews (Grace Note Publications)
  • (2015) article: ‘Amang the Buiks’ (on book collecting) – in The Dark Horse (20th Anniversary issue).
  • (2015) peer-reviewed article: ‘The Adjacent Kingdom of England’: England, Scotland and World War Two in the Poetry of Douglas Young – in Études Ecossaises.
  • (2015) two articles on Sydney Goodsir Smith (‘On the trail of the extinct Auk’ and ‘Sydney Goodsir Smith’s Skail Wind‘) – in Fras (no. 22).
  • (2014) (co-authored with Stefanie Van de Peer) peer-reviewed article: ‘Acknowledged Legislators: ‘Lived experience’ in Scottish poetry films – in International Journal of Scottish Theatre and Screen.
  • (2014) peer-reviewed chapter: ‘Maister Francois Villon’ and the Translations of Tom Scott, William J. Tait and Norman Cameron – in Quaich: An Anthology of Translation in Scotland Today. 
  • (2013) article: ‘This reluctant ink’: The Poetry of Roderick Watson – online at textualities.
  • (2013) article: ‘Angus in Tollcross’: The Poetry of Angus Calder – in The Dark Horse (no. 30).
  • (2013) article: ‘Ferns like poems’: The poetry of Ian Abbot – in Northwords Now (no. 24).
  • (2013) peer-reviewed article: ‘Committed and Confessional’: Sorley MacLean’s Poetry of World War Two – in eSharp.
  • (2013) peer-reviewed article: ‘Luve’s Arcane Delirium’: A Reading of Sydney Goodsir Smith’s Under the Eildon Tree – in Scottish Literary Review.
  • (2011) transcript of conference paper: ‘The influence of Sir Thomas Urquhart on the work of poet Sydney Goodsir Smith’ – in Sir Thomas Urquhart of Cromarty: 400th Anniversary Conference (ed. Alexander F. Thomson).

Publications of poems

Poems published in numerous outlets, from journals to online publications such as The Times Literary Supplement, Poetry London, The Spectator, Poetry Wales, Magma, The Poetry Review, Poetry Ireland Review, Cyphers, The Rialto, Ambit, Stand, Agenda, The Dark Horse, The Manchester Review, The North, The Reader, The Manhattan Review, Poetry New Zealand, The Warwick Review, The SHOp, New Writing Scotland, The Herald, The Scotsman, Best Scottish Poems, Best British Poetry 2012 and many others.

Reviews (I review or have reviewed poetry collections for the following):