Here’s to 2022: A book catalogue

Happy browsing bookworms and bibliomanes!

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Postage is extra and photos of books / manuscripts available on request.

Ackroyd, Peter London Under (Chatto and Windus, 2011), first edition hardback with excellent dj. SOLD

Adair, Gilbert The Key of the Tower (Secker, 1997), a nice hardcover first with dj. SOLD

Alvarez, Al Twelve Poems (The Review, 1968), first edition pamphlet. £1

Ashbery, John (with Joe Brainard) The Vermont Notebook (Black Sparrow Press, 1978), second printing softcover in good condition, with the ownership stamp of Richard Caddel £3

Astley, Neil The Speechless Act (Mandeville Press, 1984), first edition pamphlet, 350 copies, this one signed by Astley to Fred Dyson, an Alnwick based host of local poetry events, with his embossed seal. £2

Atwood, Margaret The Testaments (Chatto, 2019), first edition hardcover in very good dj. SOLD

Auden, W H (interest) W H Auden: Pennine Poet by Alan Myers and Robert Forsythe (North Pennines Heritage Trust, 1999), paperback SOLD

Barich, Bill Crazy for Rivers (The Lyons Press, 1990), hb first edition in dj, signed by author to Ric and Ann Caddel with two letters to Richard Caddel from the author tipped in. £8

Barnett, Anthony The Resting Bell (A2, Allardyce, Barnett, 1987), first edition in rarer hardback with dj of Barnett’s collected poems, a nice copy though unfortunately the dj has been (nicely) laminated. £1

Barrie, J M Margaret Ogilvy: By Her Son (Hodder, 1896), a first edition hardcover, good but foxing to frontispiece. £1

Batchelor, Paul The Love Darg (Clutag, 2014), a nice copy but with slight evidence of price-tag to rear cover. £1

Beckett, Samuel (interest), contributes ‘The End’ to Evergreen Review No 15 (Nov-Dec 1960), a nice if well read and faded to spine copy. £2

  • Beckett, Samuel (interest), contributes ‘Dante and the Lobster’ and ‘Echo’s Bones’ to Evergreen Review 1 (1957), this is the elusive first issue of this major literary journal, one of John Calder’s UK copies, marked six and sixpence. Has been read and some wear to spine but a decent copy nonetheless. £7
  • Beckett, Samuel (interest) contributes to New Departures No. 14 (1982), a slightly warped copy, £3.
  • Beckett, Samuel endgame (Faber, 1958), PLEASE NOTE: this is the dustjacket only for sale here. A first edition, first state dustjacket, intact but slightly weathered (remains of tape stains to flaps), not price clipped, photos by request. SOLD

Bellany, John (interest) a catalogue by Keith Hartley (National Galleries of Scotland, 2012), a fine softcover copy. SOLD

Berger, John A Painter of Our Time (Secker, 1958), a first edition hardcover of Berger’s first novel. Comes with unclipped dj, though there is a patch of damage to rear of jacket, about the size of a two-pound coin (photos on request). Book itself very clean, small gift inscription to fep. SOLD

  • Berger, John Collected Poems (Smokestack Books, 2014), first paperback edition, in excellent condition SOLD

Bergonzi, Bernard Descartes and the Animals: Poems 1948-1954 (Platform, 1954), first edition in stiff wrappers of this early collection by poet and academic Bergonzi. This copy retains its extremely fragile rice paper dj, though there are clear breaks to the spine. This copy signed ‘For John, with every good wish, Bernard Bergonzi, Dec. 1954’. 50p

Berkeley, Sara Penn (Raven Arts Press, 1986), first edition softcover of poet’s first collection. Good, though pages are age-toned. £2

Bernard, Jeffrey (with Taki)High Life Low Life (Landesman, 1981), this being the first hardcover edition with unclipped dj of these infamous collected columns by Bernard. Baby blue dustwrapper faded to spine. £7

Bilderdijk, Willem A Remarkable Aerial Voyage (Wilfion Books, 1987), a paperback first edition of the first English translation of this Dutch account. £2

Boon, Louis Paul Minuet (Persea, 1979), first English language translation of this novel by Flemish writer who is said to have died the day before he was due to be awarded the Nobel Prize, first edition hardcover with dj, good but some foxing to edges of pages. SOON

  • Boon, Louis Paul Chapel Road (Twayne Publishers, 1972), first English translation of this, Boon’s masterpiece, first edition hardcover with rather tired dj, ownership stamp of a ‘Dr. Genzel’ and rear of book has a modernist bookplate for the national ministry of education and culture, Belgium. SOLD

Booth, Martin Looking for the Rainbow Sign: Poems of America (Bloodaxe, 1983), fine copy with review slip inserted. 50p

Boulter, Joanna Running with the Unicorns (Bay Press, 1994), fine pamphlet £1

Bremser, Bonnie Troia: Mexican Memoirs (Dalkey Archive, 2007), good paperback edition. £3

Bronk, William The World, The Worldless (New Directions, 1964), softcover. £3

Brooke, Rupert 1914 and Other Poems (Sidgwick and Jackson, 1915), first hardbound edition, missing dj. This copy is in reading condition only, spine is weak and cover is stained, paper label on spine barely legible, foxing throughout. Contemporary gift inscription. £4

Brown, Andy, The Sleep Switch (Odyssey Poets, 1996), an early pamphlet by Brown in very good condition. 50p

Brownswood, Chris (the poultice route) (Gargoyle, 2006)fine copy £1

Brown, George Mackay Following a Lark: Poems (John Murray, 1996), a reprint paperback in good order. SOLD

  • Brown, George Mackay Northern Lights: A Poet’s Sources (John Murray, 1999), hardcover first edition with dj, slightly faded to spine. SOLD
  • Brown, George Mackay A Celebration for Magnus (Balnain Books, 1987), first edition softcover, this copy signed by George Mackay Brown, Gunnie Moberg and Simon Fraser. One inch tear to top of spine, else good. SOLD
  • Brown, George Mackay Winterfold (Chatto / Hogarth, 1976), first edition softcover. SOLD
  • Brown, George Mackay Water (North and South, 1996), first edition pamphlet. SOLD

Brown, Oliver Witdom (William MacLellan, 1969), revised edition, hardcover with dj, signed by Oliver Brown on the dustjacket of all places. SOLD

Buchan, Norman The MacDunciad (published by author, c.1970s), a pamphlet of a long political satirical poem by Buchan, with ownership stamp of ‘A. K. Easton’. SOLD

Bunting, Basil Collected Poems (OUP, 1985), this is a bog standard 1985 reprint paperback. However, it has the ownership stamp of one of Bunting’s greatest champions and editors, the poet Richard Caddell also included are two letters to Caddell from Professor A W Wolfendale, about Bunting’s poetry. £4

Burnett, David Hero and Leander: A Poem (Oxford University Press, 1975), a limited edition of 200 numbered copies (this no 24), signed by Burnett and illustrator Richard Shirley Smith, additionally signed by poet to Irish poet Richard Kell on fep. A pretty thing but clear evidence of age discolouration to wrappers. £3

Burns, Jim Cells (Grosseteste Press, 1967), nice pamphlet, one of 410 copies (401), this copy additionally signed and stamped by the Belgian poet Jef Bierkens. £2

Burnside, John The Hunt in the Forest (Cape, 2009), first edition paperback in very good condition, signed and dated by Burnside to title page. SOLD

Burroughs, William contributes an interview to Beatscene No 25 c. 1990s, a nice copy. £5

  • Burroughs, William The Soft Machine (Calder, 1968), this being the first UK hardcover edition with unclipped dj, though in the chronology of this book, it’s actually the third revised edition overall. For being the first UK edition, it’s surprisingly hard to find in UK. Book itself very good, dustjacket in brown over white means its shows wear easily and this is evident to corners (photos on request). £40
  • Burroughs, William Nova Express (Cape, 1966), first UK hardcover edition with unclipped dj. A nice copy overall, though feps of book have slight foxing in places and there is a tidy pen ownership inscription of ‘A Rankin’, most likely the esoteric writer and brief correspondent with Burroughs. £30

Butlin, Ron The Wonnerfu Warld o John Milton (Chookter Press, 1974), small chapbook of poems by Butlin, his first separate publication. This copy in excellent condition, purports to be a reprint from August 1974 (the original print run of 100 copies was published in March ’74). Only two copies on Copac, extremely rare in any state. £3

  • Butlin, Ron Writers in Brief No. 19 (National Book League, 1982). A blue trifold card containing a selection of poems by Butlin, as part of a larger series. Nice copy. £1 (or free with item above)
  • Ron Butlin (interest) a typescript and bound copy of the first thesis written on Butlin’s work, by Jurg Joss and titled ‘A Man of Sorrow Acquainted with Grieve: The Work of Ron Butlin’ signed by Joss to ‘Louise with love’. £2

Carver, Raymond Call if you Need Me: The Uncollected Fiction and Prose (Harvill, 2000), first UK edition, hardcover with dj, good overall. SOLD

  • Carver, Raymond Where I’m Calling From (Atlantic Monthly Press, 1988), this is the first limited edition of this book, one of 250 numbered copies, all signed by Carver, this being no. 137. In original slipcase, very good, though linen spine is ever so slightly grubby. SOLD

Chatwin, Bruce On the Black Hill (Cape, 1982), a first edition hardcover with unclipped dj. This copy flat-signed by Chatwin to title page. Book itself is good, though edge of front board has suffered a knock in the past (about an inch) though this has only minimally affected the appearance of the book (photos available). SOLD

Chomsky, Noam (intro by James Kelman) Terrorizing the Neighbourhood: American Foreign Policy in the Post-Cold War Era (AK Press / Pressure Drop Press, 1991), first edition paperback in good shape, slight crease to back cover. 50p

Church, Richard A short, typed letter signed from Church to a ‘Mr. Disspain’ who appears to have been a collector of Church’s works. 50p

Claus, Hugo The Sorrow of Belgium (Viking, 1990), first hardcover edition with dj of this first English translation of Claus’s magnum opus (an absolute monster of a book!), slight lean else good. SOLD

  • Claus, Hugo Selected Poems 1953-1973 (Aquila, 1986), an early collection of English translations of Claus’s Flemish poems, softcover first edition, small patch of wear to fep. SOLD

Clifton, Harry At the Grave of Silone: An Abruzzo Sequence (Honest Ulsterman, 1993), first edition pamphlet, slightest fading to spine. £2

Clothier, Cal Headhunters (Ryder Press, 1974), first edition pamphlet signed by poet. £1

  • Clothier, Cal Death Mask (Rivelin Press, 1981), first edition pamphlet £1

Colquhoun, Robert (and Robert MacBryde) interest – The Two Roberts (National Galleries of Scotland, 2014), a first edition softcover of this profusely illustrated reassessment of the two Roberts. SOLD

Connolly, Cyril (ed.) Horizon: A Review of Literature and Art (7 separate issues, all quite worn) job lot comprises No. 11 / No. 12 / No. 26 / No. 37 / No. 58 / No. 106 and No. 109. £5 for the lot.

Constantine, David Davies: A Novel (Bloodaxe, 1985), a rare hardback with dj review copy of this novel by this poet and recent recipient of Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry. SOLD

Cooper, Bob Drinking up Time (Red Brick Press, 1998), first edition pamphlet signed by poet, slight sticker mark to front cover 50p

Corso, Gregory The American Express (The Traveller’s Companion / Olympia Press, 1961), first edition softcover, minus the elusive dj. Very hard to find in UK, slight marks to front cover but a generally very bright and tight copy. £30

  • Corso, Gregory Bomb (City Lights, 1958), first edition second issue (Gasoline listed for sale), a fragile folded booklet, this copy good but with age-toning. £35
  • Corso, Gregory (interest) contributes his famous poem ‘Marriage’ for the first time to Evergreen Review No. 9 (Summer 1959), this issue unusually Beat heavy with cons. from Snyder, Corso, Southern, Miller, Wieners, Whalen et al, a nice but read copy £5.

Crane, Hart The Collected Poems (Boriswood, 1938), a very early UK collection of Crane’s poems, first edition hardcover minus dj with ownership inscription. A well-read but still solid and serviceable copy. £5

Creme, Benjamin Transmission: A Meditation for the New Age (Tara Press, 1983), a softcover of the second edition, small pen inscription on fep. About as esoteric as it gets! £4

Currie, Ken (et al) New Scottish Painting (Galerie Bureaux et Magasins, 1991) a scarce keepsake of an exhibition in Ostend of works by Scottish painters Keith McIntyre, Ken Currie, Stephen Barclay and Philip Braham. Stiff card covers, slight splash stains to front cover. £1

Daly, Padraig J. Poems Selected and New (Dedalus, 1988), softcover first edition signed by Daly to fellow Irish poet Richard Kell SOLD

Daniels, Chris porous, nomadic (airfoil, 2010), fine pamphlet £1

d’Arch Smith, Timothy R A Caton and the Fortune Press (Bertram Rota, 1983), first edition hardcover with dj, slightly grubby to back cover. SOLD

Darling, Julia The Taxi Driver’s Daughter (Penguin, 2003), a first edition hardcover with good dj, though faded to spine. 50p

Davidson, Peter Works in the Inglis Tongue (At the Three Tygers Press, 1985), very early pamphlet by this Scottish poet and academic, foxed cover. 50p

Davie, Donald The Forests of Lithuania (Marvell Press, 1959), wrappers first edition with Poetry Society Bulletin tipped in. A good copy, though spine is always frail on Marvell Press editions. 50p

Davie, George Elder The Scottish Enlightenment (The Historical Association, 1981), a pamphlet by Davie, small dogear and fading to spine but with inscription ‘To Richard Hamilton from George Davie, with best wishes) £2

Deakin, John London Today (Saturn Press, 1949), an early collection of photographs by this louche Soho dweller, this being a particularly nice copy, with price clipped dj. A fresh copy, though with some spine lean. SOLD

  • Deakin, John (interest) Country Matters by Oliver Bernard (Putnam, 1957), poet’s first collection with striking John Deakin dustjacket. Some small tears to rear of jacket. SOLD

Deane, John F. Free Range (Wolfhound Press, 1994), first edition paperback of this collection of short stories by the Irish poet, signed and dated by Deane. SOLD

Dent, Peter Uncloudy Wine (Taxus Press, 1987), first edition pamphlet, slightly wonky spine, otherwise good: 50p

Dharker, Imtiaz Purdah (OUP, 1989), second impression softcover, with slight split to spine, nonetheless a scarce early copy of Dharker’s first collection. £1

Dickens, Charles Dombey and Son in two volumes (Chapman and Hall, Gadshill Edition), hardcover copies good but with slight lean and light foxing to engravings. Both with the bookplate of scholar Helena Mennie Shire. £5 for both.

Dixon, Alan The Hogweed Lass (Poet and Printer, 1991), a very pretty first edition pamphlet with woodcuts. £1

Dodge, Jim FUP (City Miner Books, 1983), this is the second printing of this cult book, a good copy and nice that it’s a US edition. £3

Dickey, James Deliverance (Houghton Mifflin Company, 1970), this being the more desirable US first edition of Dickey’s most famous work, made into a successful film. This good a nice fresh example, some wear to edges and priced clipped to otherwise good dj. £20

Dorn, Edward Hands Up! (Totem Press, 1969), third printing of this poetry pamphlet, some fading and discolouration, particularly to back cover. SOLD

  • Dorn, Edward High West Rendezvous (Etruscan books, 1996), this being the first issue. £3

Douglas, Lord Alfred The Autobiography (Secker, 1929), a nice hardcover first edition, minus dj. Spine has been internally reinforced. With discreet ownership stamp. £8

Downie, Frieda A handwritten Christmas card to Ann and Anthony Thwaite (nine lines). £1
Dugan, Alan Poems (Yale University Press, 1962), first edition softcover £2

Duggan, Laurie The Ash Range (Picador, 1987), second impression signed by Duggan to Ric and Ann Caddel £2

Dunbar, William Poems (Clarendon Press, 1958), hardcover first edition with dj, this copy belonging to Scottish poet Douglas Young and annotated (and modified!) by him. SOLD

Dunn, Douglas a poetry booklet issued in approx. 1980 by the National Book League £1

Durrell, Gerald My Family and Other Animals (Rupert Hart-Davis, 1956), first edition hardback, missing dustwrapper. Book has slight lean, some fading to the covers and inside has some foxing to front and back pages. Biro ownership inscription: £2

Eliot, T. S. Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats (Faber and Faber, 1939), second impression, November 1939, yellow hardback (rather grubby), lacking dust-wrapper. Sadly the edges of the book have been affected with mould, perhaps as a result of historical water damage, hence price: £3

Eshleman, Clayton Grostesca (Exclusive Mimeograph Masterpieces, 1977), a nice copy but glue to fep is defective and has nearly detached. £2

Faulks, Sebastian Birdsong (Hutchinson, 1993), first edition hardback of Faulk’s most sought after novel. This copy very good (in likewise dj) though slightly let down by the sticky remains of ex libris plate to inner board. £18

Fenton, James The Memory of War (Salamander Press, 1982), though this collection had a very large print run (3000 copies) this is one of the first 600 that were issued with a printing error affecting the poem ‘Dead Soldiers’, with a corrected version of poem tipped in. First edition with dj (book is good but in read condition with some staining to dj), what makes this one special is it has the dedication ‘To Mark [Boxer] and Anna [Ford] from James with much love’. Rare to see copies of this book signed to members of Fenton’s inner circle. SOLD

Fiacc, Padraic Red Earth (Lagan Press, 1996), first edition paperback, signed and dated by poet to titlepage. SOLD

Fisher, Roy Talks for Words (Blackweir Press, 1980), first edition pamphlet, splash stain to front cover otherwise a nice lightly faded copy. 50p

Fo, Dario The Theatre of the Eye (Usher, 1985), paperback catalogue in good order £4.

Ford, Richard The Lay of the Land (Bloomsbury, 2006), first UK edition hardcover with good dj. This copy flat signed by author to title page. SOLD

Frazer, Sir James George Garnered Sheaves (Macmillan, 1931), a hardcover first edition with rare intact dj of this collection of Frazer’s later writings. This would be a wonderful thing if it wasn’t for the fact that the previous owner, a certain ‘Charles Riddell’ who owned the book in 1956, hadn’t taken it upon himself to underline some quotes in pen on a handful of pages to the book. In unmolested condition this book would be expensive, but this copy in good dj is SOLD

Fried, Michael Appetites (The Review, 1964), first edition pamphlet £1

Gallienne, Richard le Travels in England (Grant Richards, 1900), this is a first edition hardcover in rather battered condition, salvaged slightly by the fact that it has the gift inscription: ‘with kindest regards and best wishes from their old friend Mrs Gallienne (the author’s mother) July 11th 1901). £7

Gascoyne, David Letter to an Adopted Godfather (Etruscan books, 2012), first pamphlet edition, nice copy, minor soiling. £1

  • Gascoyne, David Night Thoughts (Andre Deutsch, 1956), hardcover first edition with rather imperfect Julian Trevelyan dustwrapper – chipped in places and with some losses. Book itself yawns slightly, perhaps a case of historical dampness. Priced accordingly.SOLD

Gezelle, Guido That Limpid Singer: A Bilingual Anthology of the Poems (ALCS, 1999), a rare paperback edition of the collected poems of Gezelle translated into English by Paul Vincent, £3

Ginsberg. Allen Composed on the Tongue (Grey Fox, 1980), paperback copy of articles and interviews with Ginsberg. Fair copy, faded spine and well-read. £2

  • Ginsberg, Allen (contributes), poems to Coyote’s Journal 5-6 (1966), this would be much more expensive if it wasn’t for slight evidence of rodent damage to a couple of the edges of the pages. £2 Also includes stuff by Brautigan, Blackburn, Hollo, Whalen et al et al.
  • Ginsberg, Allen First Blues: Rags, Ballads and Harmonium Songs 1971-1974 (Full Court Press, 1975), a very nice paperback with faded spine, third printing. Has picture of Ginsberg and Dylan sitting at Kerouac’s grave and sheet music for many of Ginsberg’s poems / songs. £5

Gosse, Edmund A very short handwritten (in pencil) letter from Edmund Gosse to a Rev. W. G. Bailey, discussing the unveiling of a bust at Steinway Hall. Undated but on headed paper for the ‘National Club’. £5

Graham, Stephen Russia in 1916 (Cassell, 1917), hardcover first edition, no dj, rather well read and very faded covers, still a fascinating and scarce book. Pencil signature of F V Parsons and pen signature of M T Mason and with contemporary photo of author pasted into book. £4

Gray, Alasdair Old Men in Love (Bloomsbury, 2007), first edition hardcover with dj of this late novel by Gray. Generally very good, although book-mark ribbon is frayed at bottom. SOLD

  • Gray, Alasdair The Book of Prefaces (Bloomsbury, 2000), first edition hardcover with dj. Amazingly this book retailed for £35! This copy with the bookplate of Felix Dennis, small tear to bottom of edge of dj. SOLD
  • Gray, Alasdair Collected Poems (Two Ravens Press, 2010), first edition hardcover with clipped dj SOLD
  • Gray, Alasdair The Fall of Kelvin Walker (Canongate, 1985), first edition hardcover with dj in immaculate condition (unread!) SOLD
  • Gray, Alasdair Saltire Self-Portrait (Saltire Society, 1988), first edition pamphlet signed by Gray to ‘Ian’. SOLD
  • Gray, Alasdair Every Short Story 1951-2012 (Canongate, 2012), a fine hardcover first edition copy with likewise dj SOLD

Gray, Alexander Dinner to Professor Alexander Gray on the occasion of his leaving Aberdeen, in the Palace Hotel, Aberdeen, on 17th December, 1934. This privately printed keepsake, tipped in also is the menu for the dinner. A rare survivor. £5

Greacen, Robert Lunch at the Ivy (Lagan Press, 2002), a first edition paperback inscribed by poet to his fellow poet Richard Kell. SOLD

  • Greacen, Robert Ecstasy (Lapwing, 1999), a first edition pamphlet signed by Greacen to his fellow Irish poet Richard Kell. SOLD

Green, Lynne Wilhelmina Barns-Graham: A Scottish Artist in St Ives (Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Trust, 2017), hardcover, second edition revised and expanded. A lovely coffee-table book in very good condition. SOLD

Green, Stanley Roger A Suburb of Belsen (Paul Harris, 1977), this being one of the sumptuous hardbound copies, limited to 240 for sale, this being no. 4 and signed by both poet and illustrator Geoffrey Roper. £5

Greig, Andrew Surviving Passages (Canongate, 1982), hardcover first edition in good dj £2

Grierson, H. J. C. A short handwritten letter to ‘Mr. Wilson’ (likely the Irish poet Robin  Wilson, settled at the time in Edinburgh) trying to arrange a meeting, undated but addressed at 12 Regent Terrance, Edinburgh (c.1930s). £2

Gross, Philip handwritten letter dated 29/6/87 to Anne Stevenson, one page, congratulating Stevenson on her new ‘Selected Poems’, a pleasant and well-meaning letter. 50p

Gunn, Neil M The Lost Chart (Faber, 1949), first edition hardback lacking the dustwrapper, spine lean and faded, well read copy but carrying the ownership inscription of Margaret MacEwen who had a secret relationship with Gunn that lasted over 30 years and is the subject of Gunn’s novel The Serpent. SOLD

  • Gunn, Neil M Young Art and Old Hector (Faber, 1942), first edition hardback lacking the dustwrapper, slight spine lean and a little fading. However, this copy is redeemed by having the ownership inscription of Margaret MacEwen, who had a secret relationship with Gunn that lasted over 30 years and is the subject of Gunn’s novel The Serpent. SOLD

Gunn, Thom Jack Straw’s Castle (Faber, 1976), this is the first softcover edition, in generally good order, slight dogearing to bottom corner. Signed by Gunn to ‘Adrian’. £5

  • Gunn, Thom Number Sixteen (The Fantasy Poets, 1953), first edition pamphlet of Gunn’s first publication, put out while still an undergraduate. A good copy (most are pretty rough), some handling, aging and creasing (photos on request). SOLD

Gysin, Brion The Process (Paladin, 1988), first UK paperback edition. Good but some small dents to cover. £2

  • Gysin, Brion a short, hand-written letter of four lines, dated 6 / 12 / 1984 from Gysin to the English author Laurence Staig (though Gysin has spelled his name ‘Lawrence’ – check John Calder’s memoirs for a mention of Staig’s brief collaboration with Gysin). Letterhead for ‘Les New-Yorkais’, a reading involving Gysin, Tom Verlaine and Ramuncho Matta. A4 letter folded neatly twice with evidence of staple to top left hand corner. £65

Hall, John Meaning Insomnia (Grosseteste, 1978), first edition paperback, in good shape, dj slightly scuffed. Errata slip crudely glued to fep, not sure if this was done by publisher. 50p

Hardie, Kerry In Sickness (Honest Ulsterman, 1995), Hardie’s scarce first pamphlet. SOLD

  • Hardie, Kerry A Furious Place (Gallery, 1996), the rarer hardcover edition with dj. £4
  • Hardie, Kerry Cry for the Hot Belly (Gallery, 2000), softcover, faint fading to spine. £2

Harmer, David The Spinner’s Final Over (Versewagon Press, 1983), first edition pamphlet of these cricket-themed poems. Copy good, little browned at edges. 50p

Harrison, Jim Legends of the Fall (Collins, 1980), first English edition hardback of arguably Harrison’s most famous work. This copy comes with its slightly torn and scuffed dust-wrapper. Someone has put a large biro X on the fep. £3

Harris, Lee Echoes of the Underground: A Footsoldier’s Tales (Barncott Press, 2014), this is a fascinating gathering of pieces by South African writer Lee Harris on Beatnik and counterculture memories of 60s and 70s. SOLD

Harrison, Tony Prometheus (Faber, 1998), softcover first edition in good order with owner’s pen inscription, signed by Harrison to title page. £5

Hartnett, Michael Haicéad (Gallery Press, 1993), first edition paperback, very good except for small dent to front cover £8

Harvey, John Taking the Long Road Home (Slowdancer, c. 1988), first edition pamphlet in good condition. 50p

Hassall, Christopher A one-page handwritten letter to Marguerite Edmonds, dated 2-3-43. Very fragile paper, beginning to split but discussing Hassall’s frail health. £5

Healy, Dermot Fighting with Shadows (Allison and Busby, 1984), a very nice copy of Healy’s first novel, hardback with very good dj. £15

Heaney, Seamus Human Chain (Faber, 2010), a first edition hardcover in excellent dj of this, Heaney’s final collection. SOLD

  • Heaney, Seamus District and Circle (Faber, 2006), a first edition hardcover with dj, slight dent to top of dj, else good. SOLD
  • Heaney, Seamus Finders Keepers: Selected Prose 1971-2001 (Faber, 2002), a first edition hardcover with dj, faint fading to spine and the tiniest tear to top of spine >2mm. SOLD
  • Heaney, Seamus (interest) Gift: A Chapbook for Seamus Heaney (NCLA, 2009), good but with signs of handling and scuffs to back cover. SOLD
  • Heaney, Seamus (interest) Arrows No. 132 (Sheffield University magazine, c.1980s), rare for containing an interview with Heaney. Alas slightly water-damaged. SOLD

Heard, Andrew William Roberts 1895-1980 (Hatton Gallery, Newcastle University, 2004), catalogue to complement an exhibition of Roberts’s work at the Hatton Gallery, profusely illustrated, nice condition. £2

Henderson, Hamish Ballads of World War II (The Lili Marleen Club of Glasgow, printed by the Caledonian Press, 1947) an unbowdlerised collection of WW2 song, and by far Henderson’s rarest publication (Peter Ellis had a copy listed about 5 years ago for over £300 and Updike Rare Books had one for £150 a similar time ago). This copy good but with aging to covers (photos by request). SOLD

Henri, Adrian Not Fade Away: Poems 1989-1994 (Bloodaxe Books, 1994), first edition paperback. Good copy, slight scratches to back cover, but signed by Henri in Edinburgh in 1996. SOLD

Hesketh, Phoebe A two-page handwritten letter from the poet to ‘Ron and Irene’, thanking them for their festive hospitality. £1

Higgins, Aidan March Hares: An Uncommonplace Book (Dalkey Archive, 2017) a good paperback copy with faint handling marks. £2

Higgins, Brian The Only Need (Abelard, 1960), first edition with chipped and clipped dj of this first collection of a mathematician manque / poet / Soho habitue. From a smoker’s library, though not heavily stained. £2

Hill, Geoffrey Without Title (Penguin, 2006), first edition paperback, good condition, though slight knock to back cover at base. Inscribed by author ‘For Gina, best wishes, Geoffrey Hill’. SOLD

  • Hill, Geoffrey Preghiere (Northern House Pamphlet Poets, 1964), a good copy of this early work by Hill, but with faint dogearing and a slight crease at the bottom of the pamphlet. Hence £5

Holmes, John Clellon The Horn (Crest, 1959), first paperback edition, a good copy with lovely graphic cover image. £4

Horovtiz, Frances Snow Light, Water Light (Bloodaxe, 1983), first edition pamphlet £2

  • Horovitz, Frances Poems (Aylesford Review, c. late 60s), poet’s first collection, this a good copy but with some markings to cover £2
  • Horovitz, Frances The High Tower (New Departures, 1970), first edition pamphlet good but with bookplate (mine!) £2
  • Horovitz, Frances (interest) Tenfold: Poems for Frances Horovitz (1983), mainly sought after for the Seamus Heaney contribution. SOLD
  • Horovitz, Frances (interest) A Celebration of and for Frances Horovitz (New Departures 16, second ‘definitive’ edition), c 1984. £2
  • Horovitz, Frances (interest) Frances Horovitz, Poet: A Symposium edited by Brocard Sewell (Aylesford Press, 1987), a nice softcover first edition, price clipped. £2

Hughes, Ted The Hawk in the Rain (Faber, 1957), this is the first edition hardcover (with dj) of Hughes’s first collection (2000 copies printed). Book itself in excellent shape, the dj is complete and unclipped, though slightly grubby and with a couple of tears as well as evidence to base of spine of label removal (photos on request). SOLD

  • Hughes, Ted Birthday Letters (Faber, 1998), first edition hardcover with dj (1 inch tear to back of dj), interestingly with pen ownership inscription of poet Fiona Benson £8

Hutchison, Alexander Deep Tap Tree (University of Mass. Press, 1978), this is the scarcer hardbound copy of this early collection, minus dj. With inscription from poet to Duncan and Margaret Glen, also (strangely) with the bookplate of Giles Gordon. £8

Huws, Daniel From an Old Book of Riddles (The Sceptre Press, 1974), good copy of limited edition, one of 150 (no. 103) this copy additionally inscribed to Anthony Thwaite from the author. £1

Johnstone, William two catalogues – 1). ‘A Centenary Celebration’ (Talbot Rice Gallery, 1997), stamped ‘Property of Wisconsin in Scotland Dalkeith House Library’ and 2). William Johnstone: Recent Work (Talbot Rice Art Centre, Aug to Sept 1976), this catalogue slightly warped by its ill-fitting acetate dust-jacket. For both items SOLD

Jones, Henry Arthur Dolly Reforming Herself: A Comedy in Four Acts (Chiswick Press, 1908), first edition paperback, though the flimsy papers covers have not withstood the years, with quite some loss to the spine. However, this is a presentation to a ‘Dear Miss Goodrich’ from the author and dated 21st Dec 1908 (curiously enough in Tangier…). £10

Joyce, James Stephen Hero (Cape, fourth impression 1955), a hardcover reprint, not much really to look at, but with the ownership inscription of Irish author Kate O’Brien. £6

  • Joyce, James Ulysses (Bodley Head, 1955), the 6th reprint of the 1937 general edition, a nice hardback copy minus dj. £4

Joyce, Trevor With the first dream of fire they hunt the cold (Shearsman, 2001), £1

Jung, C. G. Essays on Contemporary Events (Kegan Paul, 1947), first hardcover edition of English translation with unclipped dj. A couple slight tears to dj, overall a presentable copy. £5

Kavanagh, Patrick The Great Hunger (Cuala Press / Irish University Press, 1971), this being one of the faithful 1971 reproductions of the first edition of this great poem. Unfortunately this is a good reading copy only, being an ex-university-library copy, priced accordingly. SOLD

  • Kavanagh, Patrick By Night Unstarred (Goldsmith Press, 1987), the second softcover edition of this novel. SOLD

Kell, Richard Heartwood (Northern House, 1978), first edition pamphlet signed by Kell to Ann and Anthony Thwaite £1

Kemp, Robert A short, two-page handwritten letter from Scottish dramatist Kemp to poet Maurice Lindsay. £1

Kerouac, Jack Old Angel Midnight (Bootlegger/Albion, c. 1971), first English appearance of this short story by Kerouac as a separate pamphlet. Some creases to card cover and contemporary pen ownership inscription to title page. £5

  • Kerouac, Jack On the Road (Andre Deutsch, 1958), a hardcover UK second impression of Kerouac’s magnum opus. This copy sub-ideal, with some paint stains to front cover and dent to back cover. Missing dj and with contemporary ownership inscription. Still, this is perhaps your only chance to buy a cheap early copy of this epochal text. SOLD
  • Kerouac, Jack (contributes) Big Table 1 (1959), the first issue of this hugely important beatnik breakaway magazine. This copy well read (remains of New York Public Library sticker to back), but still sound SOLD

Kerr, Megan rope of words(Mayfield Press, 2014), one of 600 copies of this beautiful calligraphic pamphlet, this being no. 315, signed by Megan and Lin Kerr. £2

Kersh, Gerald Clean, Bright & Slightly Oiled (Heinemann, 1946), a first edition with unclipped but worn to spine dj. £3

Kirkup, James Shields Sketches (Hub Editions, 2002), first edition softcover in good condition if slightly yellowed to edges of pages. Signed by author. £2

Knight, Stephen Dream City Cinema (Bloodaxe Books, 1996), first edition paperback in good condition, signed by author ‘For Elspeth, best wishes with your own writing, Stephen Knight, Lumb Bank, 21/7/99’. 50p

Kuppner, Frank A Bad Day for the Sung Dynasty (Carcanet, 1984), first edition of Kuppner’s first collection, surprisingly scarce. A nice, faintly faded copy. SOLD

Larkin, Philip (contributes), A Garland for the Laureate: Poems presented to Sir John Betjeman on his 75th Birthday (Celandine Press, 1981), a good copy in the marbled softcovers, this one of 5 (no 2) hors commerce copies, presented by editor and publisher Roger Pringle to Jacquetta Hawkes and J B Priestley, with handwritten letter tipped in. A very good association copy. £30

  • Larkin, Philip The Less Deceived (Marvell Press, 1955), this being the first softcover edition of the book, actually printed in 1956, though stated as ‘1955’. Overall a nice copy but let down by one inch of damage to top of spine (photos available). Has ownership inscription of ‘John Wood’, quite possibly the actor (1930-2011). £40
  • Larkin, Philip Required Writing (Faber, 1984), a nice early paperback reprint of this collection of Larkin’s prose pieces, a small ownership inscription and an unnecessary ‘Barter Books’ stamp (they are not Shakespeare and Co…) £2
  • Larkin, Philip Philip Larkin: His Life and Word: An Exhibition held in the Brynmor Jones Library of the University of Hull, 2 June – 12 July, 1986 – souvenir catalogue of the exhibition, good. £4
  • Larkin, Philip (interest) Monica Jones, Philip Larkin and Me by John Sutherland (Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2021), first edition hardcover with dj, very good. SOLD

Lewis, C. S English Literature in the Sixteenth Century (Excluding Drama) (Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1954), two copies for sale of this hardcover first edition (both minus djs). A truly Herculean effort of a book, referred to by Lewis himself as ‘o Hell’. Copy one is in better condition, unannotated and with only the remains of a sticky price label to back board. This copy is £5. The other copy is in rougher shape but is academically much more interesting, bearing the bookplate of academic Helena Mennie Shire as well as the touching inscription ‘with gratitude to the Carnegie Research Trust’, this copy is annotated by Shire who no doubt attended Lewis’s Clark Lectures at Trinity College, Cambridge. This copy is £8

Linden, Eddie (ed.) Aquarius Number 12: A General Issue including poetry from Ireland (1980), a decent but read copy. 50p

  • Linden, Eddie (ed) Aquarius Number 7 (1974), 50p

Lindsay, Maurice The Run from Life: More Poems 1942-1972 (Cygnet Press, 1975), one of 125 copies, this being number ‘1’ and specially (hard) bound for the author himself. £4

Linklater, Eric Private Angelo (Cape, 1946), first edition hardback of Linklater’s important WW2 novel, this copy with heavily worn dustwrapper. Book itself has been subject to water damage and rust. Overall a poor copy. However, this copy carries the pencil inscription of Orcadian artist Stanley Cursiter as well as a typed compliments slip from the author. Of interest only for the association. SOLD

  • Linklater, Eric A very short handwritten note to playwright James Bride (O. H. Mavor), addressed to ‘Major O H Mavor, Grahamholm Military Hospital, Belfast’. As follows: ‘To OH., an autobiography that I don’t like as much as yours, from Eric Linkalter’. A pencil note remarks that this piece of paper came from a copy of Sean O’Casey’s The Flying Wasp. £5

Lochhead, Liz Blood and Ice (Salamander Press, 1982), first edition wrappers, good but bump to top of spine and contemporary owner’s pen inscription. Quite rare. SOLD

London, Jack The Call of the Wild (Readers Library, c. 1920s), this being the hardcover, with dj of the ‘Film Edition’ – lovely graphic dustwrapper, though worn in places. SOLD

Lopez, Tony A Handbook of British Birds (Pig Press, 1982), first edition pamphlet, good condition, slight bumping to two corners and small stain on back cover. £1

  • Lopez, Tony Data Shadow (Reality Street Editions, 2000), first edition softcover. £2

Lovelock, Yann A Scattering Folder (Platform Poets, 1985), a nice pamphlet signed by the author to a Belgian poet who he translated, Willem Roggemann. £2

  • Lovelock, Yann Building Jerusalem (Rivelin Press, 1984), first edition pamphlet signed by Lovelock to a Belgian poet he translated, Willem Roggemann. £2

Lucebert Apocrief (De Bezige Bee, 1957), this is the third edition paperback of this Dutch language collection by one of Netherland’s most important poets and artists. This is a lovely association copy being signed by Lucebert to Harry Fischer (1903-1977), director of Marlborough Fine Art and no doubt someone who sold and exhibited Lucebert’s work. SOLD

Machen, Arthur A Fragment of Life (Secker, 1928), first edition in the Adelphi Library, no dj but a very good copy, slight fading to spine £5

  • Machen, Arthur (trans) Casanova’s Escape from the Leads (Casanova Society, 1925), hardcover first edition, lacking dj, two pen inscriptions, one in Ancient Greek, paper label to spine worn, but spare one intact at rear of book. £6

Maynard, Theodore Drums of Defeat (Erskine Macdonald, 1917), a first edition collection of WW1 poems from this Catholic author, what makes this copy special is it is signed by the author to Father Vincent McNabb O.P – an excellent association copy. SOLD

McCabe, Brian The Other McCoy (Mainstream Publishing, 1990), an excellent example of this hardcover first edition, with dj, flat signed by author on the titlepage. £1

MacCaig, Norman Voice-Over (Chatto and Windus, 1988), a first edition paperback of MacCaig’s final collection. This copy signed and dated by MacCaig on titlepage. SOLD

McCleery, Alistair The Porpoise Press 1922-1939 (Merchiston Publishing, 1988), first edition sofrcover. £3

MacDiarmid, Hugh John Knox (Ramsay Head Press, 1976), hardcover first edition with slightly faded and worn dj. SOLD

McEwen, Ian The Child in Time (Cape, 1987), hardcover first edition with unclipped dj, good but slight lean. £4

McEwen, Todd Fisher’s Hornpipe (Harper and Row, 1983), first US edition hardcover with very good dj. Very amusing inscription from the author: ‘To a Dear Little Person / who keeps losing her copies of this book: THIS IS THE VERY LAST ONE IN EXISTENCE! From her friend, Todd McEwen’. £5

  • McEwen, Todd McX (Secker and Warburg, 1990), first edition hardcover with dj, very good. £1

McFadden, Roy Swords and Ploughshares (Routledge, 1943), first edition softcover in dust-wrapper, good condition considering this series is notoriously fragile, spine shoes some wear but is largely unfaded. One of the scarcer collections put out by Routledge at this time. £5

McGuckian, Medbh Christmas Broadside (University Libraries, State University of New York at Buffalo, Dec. 1999), one of 2000 copies. £1

McIlvanney, William The Papers of Tony Veitch (Hodder, 1983), first edition hardcover with dj (clipped). Good copy £5

  • McIlvanney, William (interest) contributes to Scotland at the Crossroads: A Socialist Answer (Clydeside Press, 1990), £2.
  • McIlvanney, William These Words: Weddings and After (Mainstream, 1984), first edition hardcover with unclipped dj (dj has unsightly tear to front cover), signed by McIlvanney to ‘Louise’ £8
  • McIlvanney, William In through the head (Mainstream, 1988), hardback first edition with clipped dj of this collection of McIlvanney’s poems, with small pen ownership. £5

MacInnes, Mairi (interest) Mairi MacInnes: A Tribute (Shoestring Press, 2005), first edition softcover. £2

Mackenzie, Agnes Mure Between Sun and Moon (Constable, 1932) a very tidy hardcover first edition, no dj. £5

  • Mackenzie, Agnes Mure Lost Kinnellan (Heinemann, 1927), first edition hardcover, no dj, some spotting to covers and slight lean but with the ornate bookplate of Ivor Novello. SOLD
  • Mackenzie, Agnes Mure The Half-Loaf: A Comedy of Chance and Error (Heinemann, 1925), a first edition hardcover in good order. £5
  • Mackenzie, Agnes Mure a fountain pen handwritten letter (dated 17th August 1949_ to ‘My Dear Mrs. David’ some two pages, discussing visits to Edinburgh. £10.

Malmgreen, Gail Neither Bread nor Roses (John L Noyce), second edition pamphlet from Nov. 1978 £1

Maschler, Tom Publisher (Picador, 2005), first edition hardback with dust-wrapper, unclipped. In good order. £1

Mathews, Aidan Carl Minding Ruth (Gallery Books, 1983), this is the rarer hardcover edition of this early poetry collection by Mathews, in excellent condition. £1

melville, nick-e contributes to Zark 1: Experimental poetry (2015), first issue, slightly water crumped cover £1

Michaux, Henri Light through Darkness (Orion, 1963), first English language edition, hardcover with rather tatty dj. An important study of the poet’s experimentation with drugs. A contemporary pen inscription. SOLD

Milosz, Czeslaw The Captive Mind (Secker, 1953), a first edition hardcover with dj, some loss to corners of dj in a few places, else good. This copy with ownership inscription of Patrick Strong (1931-2010), keeper of college collections at Eton. £35

Miller, Henry An Open Letter to Stroker! (Writers Unlimited Inc., 1978), second edition pamphlet in passable condition, though splash marks to front cover and unsightly ‘Shakespeare and Co’ stamp on inner cover. 50p

Miller, Richard Yellow Jersey (Exclusive Mimeograph Masterpieces, 1980), £3

Milne, Ewart Deus Est Qui Regit Omnia (St Beuno’s, 1980), a good copy, one of 160 signed and numbered by the poet (no. 89). £3

Mitchison, Naomi Memoirs of a Spacewoman (The Women’s Press, 1985), a paperback edition in slightly road-worn condition. £1

  • Mitchison, Naomi Highland and Islands (Unity Publishing Company, c. early 1950s), a rare little pamphlet by Mitchison, 3 copies on COPAC, front covers detached from rusted staples, else good. SOLD
  • Mitchison, Naomi The Home (John Lane / Bodley Head, 1934), a seldom seen domestic / sociological study by this Scottish novelist. With remains of dj (photos on request) £3.

Mitchell, Adrian A short, typed letter signed by Mitchell to Tyneside poet Keith Armstrong, concerning a submission to one of Armstrong’s magazines. A friendly; lively letter. £2

Mort, Helen Parallax (Forest Publications, 2010), critically acclaimed poet Helen Mort’s first pamphlet, a rough and ready edition, this copy being in excellent condition. £3

Morton, Barbara A The Woman with the Rectangles (Entropie Books, 2019), a beautiful artist’s collection of poems, with Japanese binding, signed and numbered by the author, 100 copies of which this is no. 19. Good, only slight scuff to applied cover label and little wobble in the card cover. £12

Muir, Edwin First Poems (Hogarth Press, 1925), a marbled hardcover first edition of Muir’s rare first collection of poems. This copy slightly faded with slightly chipped and fragile spine, but generally good for a book of this age and materials. Tiny old bookseller pencil note to back board saying ‘EBC Lucas’ (Jones’) copy’ – wife of F L Lucas. As to how the bookseller worked this out, I’ve no idea. SOLD

Neill, William The Jolly Trimmers or Love of Slavery : A Satirical Cantata (published by poet in 1985), a rare little pamphlet attack on the sacred cow that is Robbie Burns SOLD

Newmann, Joan Circumcision Party (Honest Ulsterman) first edition pamphlet £2

Niedecker, Lorine (interest) The Full Note (Interim Press, 1983), a first edition softcover posthumous festschrift for poet Lorine Niedecker, contributions from Ian Hamilton Finlay, Edward Dorn, Cid Corman et al. Ownership inscription of poet Paul Hyland. Slight dogear to front corner, else good. £15

Olds, Sharon Stag’s Leap (Cape, 2012), first edition paperback, nice condition, signed to title page by the poet: ‘For Marianne from Sharon Olds, Oct ’12 , Goldsmiths’. SOLD

Olson, Charles Selected Letters (University of California Press, 2000), first edition hardback with dust-wrapper. Very good apart from small stain to fep. £3

  • Olson, Charles Proprioception (Writing 6 / Four Seasons Press, 1965), first edition pamphlet, good, slightest crease to top of spine. £10
  • Olson, Charles Call me Ishmael (Cape, 1967), paperback UK first edition. £2.

Oppenheimer, Joel The Love Bit (Totem Press / Corinth Books, 1962), first edition, slightly grubby £4

Orton, Joe Loot (Methuen, 1967). This is the scarce hardback first edition with dust-wrapper, unclipped. Unfortunately the book appears to have been bent at some point in its life, so both front and back boards have an ugly crease (dust-wrapper only shows slight creases), hence price SOLD

O’Connor, Philip Memoirs of a Public Baby (Fourth Estate, 1988), a nice paperback reprint copy of this crucial Soho / Bloomsbury text. £1

Orwell, George (interest) Jura and George Orwell (no publication details or date given though seems to have been issued by the Jura Hotel as a tourist keepsake). Surprisingly informative little booklet in good shape. SOLD

O’Toole, Peter (interest) Bernard Shaw Platform and Pulpit (Rupert Hart Davis, 1962), first edition with very tatty dj. This copy redeemed by having the ex libris plate and ownership pen signature of actor Peter O’Toole. £12

Pasolini, Pier Paolo A Violent Life (Cape, 1968), first English edition of this novel by Pasolini. Complete with dustwrapper which is slightly worn and grubby with some loss to back cover. Priced accordingly £3

Pearce, Michael Death of an Effendi: A Mamur Zapt Mystery (HarperCollinsPublishers, 1999), first edition hardcover in dj, all good slightest fading to spine, signed by the author. 50p

Pennati, Camillo (trans. By Peter Russell) Landscapes (The Keepsake Press, 1964), one of 200 numbered copies, this being no. 46, signed by both Pennati and Russell. £4

Pickard, Tom Hero Dust (Allison & Busby, 1979), first edition softcover, some slight foxing to inner boards and feps. £1

  • Pickard, Tom The Order of Chance (Fulcrum Press, 1971), first edition softcover, good with small owner’s pen inscription. £1

Piper, John (interest): Labrys 9 (November 1983), this high-end literary journal boasts a lengthy section devoted to the work of John Piper. Spine is faded, some wear to top and has been creased, else a very serviceable copy. £1

Power, William (intro by Neil M Gunn) The Culture of the Scot (Scottish Convention / William MacLellan, 1943), a decent copy of this pamphlet though some splitting to spine. 50p

Purser, John Scotland’s Music (Mainstream Publishing, 1992), a sought after first edition hardback (with dj) of this influential study of Scotland’s music. £10

Ramone, Dee Dee Poison Heart: surviving the Ramones (Firefly, 1997), first UK softcover edition, good condition. £5

Prynne, J. H. For the Monogram (Equipage, 1997), first edition pamphlet, very good, slightest creasing to spine. £5

  • Prynne, J. H. Word Order (Prest Roots Press, 1989), a handsome large pamphlet, excellent apart from small strip of fading to base at front cover. £7
  • Prynne, J. H. Kitchen Poems (Cape Goliard Press, 1968), an early collection by Prynne, this being the more common paperback edition. Dogeared to top corner, but generally ok, spine a little rubbed and faded and contemporary ownership inscription. £8
  • Prynne, J H Her Weasels Wild Returning (Equipage, 1994), first edition pamphlet. £10

Raine, Craig A Martian Sends a Postcard Home (OUP, 1979), a first edition softcover (all published) in very good order, flat signed by author to title page. For such a successful collection, this is surprisingly scarce in first edition, esp. so signed. £15

Rampant Lions Press The Rampant Lions Press: A printing workshop through five decades (1982), softcover in good order. £2

Rankin, Ian The Flood (Polygon, 1986), one of approx. 500 copies of the first paperback edition of this, Rankin’s first novel. A nice copy, though spine has slight crease and is faded. £20

  • Rankin, Ian Rebus: The Early Years (Orion, 1999), this is a first edition hardcover with a price clipped and slightly torn dj. It is signed by the author but has some pen marks by previous owner to title page. Hence £2.

Raymond, Derek The Hidden Files: An Autobiography (Warner Books, 1994), first paperback edition of this fascinating late work by cult author Raymond, also known as Robin Cook. Hard to find in any edition, this copy shows signs of having been read but is a good reading copy nonetheless. SOLD

  • Raymond, Derek Not Till the Red Fog Rises (Little, Brown and Company, 1994), a late black novel by Raymond, first hardcover with good, if worn to edges dj. £4

Reading, Peter, Shitheads (Squirrelprick Press, 1989), a stiff card bound pamphlet of poems, limited edition of 200 copies, this being 72 and signed by Reading. £5

Rebel Inc (interest) three rare early pamphlets from Rebel Inc (each limited to 100 copies each). These being Middle Aged Schoolgirl Skiving by Kim Oliver (1993), This by Graham Fulton (1993) and Baz Poems by Kevin Cadwallender (1993). All copies very good apart from evidence of price ticket removal to rear. SOLD

Redgrove, Peter Happiness (Priapus Press, 1978), first edition slim pamphlet, slightest fading to spine. One of 170 copies, also tipped in is a note from John Cotton sending the pamphlet to Anthony Thwaite. 50p

  • Redgrove, Peter The Apple-Broadcast and other new poems (Routledge, 1981), first edition softcover, signed by Redgrove to fellow poet Anthony Thwaite. £3

Reed, Jeremy Anna Kavan (Chanticleer Press, 2003), first limited edition chapbook of this poem for Kavan by Reed, one of 25 numbered and signed copies. A very rare Reed item and a must-have for any Reed completist. £5

Reid, Alastair Oases: Poems and Prose (Canongate, 1997), a squat little first edition hardback with dj. Good condition and signed by the author to ‘Shirley and Peter across time…’. £2

  • Reid, Alastair Digging Up Scotland (edbookfesteditions, 2002), first edition paperback, special edition to mark Reid’s appearance at the Book Festival that year. £1
  • Reid, Alastair When Now is Not Now (The Poetry Trust, 2007), a pamphlet put out for Reid’s 2007 appearance at the Aldeburgh poetry festival. A fine copy. £2
  • Reid, Alastair Flowers in the Surf (Aten Press, 1973), a limited edition pamphlet of 250 copies and a rather rare Reid publication. £3
  • Reid, Alastair Oddments, Inklings, Omens, Moments: Poems (Dent, 1959), a hardcover with vg dj fourth printing of this early Reid collection, this copy signed by the author to ‘John’. £3

Reve, Gerard The Acrobat and other stories (Manteau, 1985), this being the second edition of this book (first appeared in the 50s), originally appeared in English, though novelist is Dutch and nice copy in dj, slight age toning to spine, hard to find in UK £4

  • Reve, Gerard Parents Worry (Fourth Estate, 1990), first English translation of this Dutch novel, hardback with dj (clipped), £3
  • Reve, Gerard A Prison Song in Prose (Athenaeum Polak and Van Gennep, 1968), edition of 3000 copies. A nice production. £4

Rich, Adrienne Women and Honor: notes on lying (Onlywomen Press, 1984), third printing pamphlet, good and tidy, let down by slight fading to edges. £1

Riley, Denise Stair Spirit (Equipage, 1992), rare pamphlet collection by Riley, this copy in very good condition with some fading to spine and edges. £5

Ritsos, Yannis (English versions by Alan Page) Poems (The Review, c.mid1960s), first edition pamphlet £2

Robbe-Grillet, Alain Last Year at Marienbad (Calder, 1961), first edition paperback in generally good condition, though slight dogear to front cover and some handling wear to spine. Unfortunately a rubber ink stamp to fep too. Hence £2

Roberts, Michael Symmons Soft Keys (Secker and Warburg, 1993), first edition paperback of poet’s first collection, signed on the title page: ‘For Diana, with best wishes, Michael Symmons Roberts’, good condition, slight aging to white covers and a slight dogear to one corner. £1

Rolfe, Fr. (Baron Corvo) Don Tarquinio (Chatto and Windus, 1905 – though actually 1924), this is the first edition, second impression, using the original 1905 unbound sheets, one of approx. 100 copies issued in 1924 to capitalise on the growing interest in Rolfe. Not a perfect copy by any means. Evidence of bookplate removal to inner front board, slight fading to front board. Top of spine split by about 2 cm, 1 cm dent to spine, and edge of spine to front beginning to fray with handling. Priced accordingly (photos on request). £20

Roy, G Ross Robert Burns (University of South Carolina), a limited edition pamphlet (350 copies, this being 84) of an early catalogue of the enviable Burns collection at South Carolina. Evidence of paperclip impression to front cover and titlepage. £3

Rubens, Peter Paul A letter from Rubens to Jan Caspar Gevaerts (bilingual edition in English and old Flemish) published by the Belgian American Educational Foundation in 1955 and given out as a Christmas gift by the Foundation. A very handsome fine press pamphlet. £1

Rumens, Carol A single page handwritten letter dated 4/7/97 to poet and critic Terry Kelly concerning Rumens’ magazine Brangle. 50p

  • Rumens, Carol Star Whisper (Secker, 1983), first edition hardcover with vg dj, a super copy but with ownership inscription, the Poetry Society Bulletin tipped in. 50p

Salinger, J. D. The Catcher in the Rye (Hamish Hamilton), a hardback 7th impression of the English edition. This book is only of interest for its quite nice dj – slight Sellotape stains on flaps but ideal if you have an early issue of this important book. The book itself is a complete ex-library write off. SOLD

Sansom, Peter More Poems about Love Affairs and Trains (Slowdancer, 1987), a very good copy of this pamphlet. 50p

Savage, D. S. (trans.) Peter Abelard’s Confession (Headland Publications, 1975), first edition pamphlet in good order, inscribed by translator: ‘To Margaret, with kind regards and good wishes – D S Savage, August 1975’. £1

  • Savage, D. S. A Time to Mourn: Poems 1933-1943 (Routledge, 1943), a really nice copy of this scarce pamphlet collection of wartime poems. £5

Schjeldahl, Peter An Adventure of the Thought Police (Ferry Press, 1971), a good copy with pen ownership signature of poet and publisher Duncan Glen £3

Selby, Jr. Hubert The Room (Grove Press, 1971), a first US edition hardcover with good dj (some fading to spine). This copy signed to title page by Hubert Selby Jr. Very hard to find in UK – even unsigned (only signed copy online at present is in US for £340 plus £20 shipping being offered by Rob Warren Books in New York), this is Selby Jr’s second novel which he deemed ‘the most disturbing book ever written’. £140

Sewell, Brocard Olive Custance: Her Life and Work (The Eighteen Nineties Society, 1975), first edition softcover with dj, nice copy, slightly foxed in places. No. 113 of 500 copies. £1

Shepherd, Nan (interest) contributes a review to Aberdeen University Review (Volume XXXIX, 2 – No. 126, Autumn 1961). £1

Shestov, Leon Anton Tchekhov and other essays (Maunsel 1916), first edition hardback, no dj. A decent copy, dented to front corner, ear contemporary ownership inscription. £3

Sinclair, Iain Mir Poets Six (Words Press, 1988), one of 200 copies, this being no. 83. Good but cover faded at edges. Priced accordingly. £3

Smith, Iain Crichton The Village and Other Poems (Carcanet, 1989), first edition paperback, signed by author to Colin Nicholson (and heavily annotated by him in pencil). £5

  • Smith, Iain Crichton Love Poems and Elegies (Gollancz, 1972), a nice first ed with dj, flat signed by ICS to fep. £5
  • Smith, Iain Crichton Smith (interest) Critical Essays (EUP, 1992), nice copy. £3

Smith, Ken Fox Running (Bloodaxe, 1981), first Bloodaxe edition, rare, £2.

  • Smith, Ken Eleven Poems (Northern House, 1964), an early pamphlet by Smith, this copy with small cover stain and imperfect fold to covers. £1

Smith, Sydney Goodsir So Late into the Night (Peter Russell, 1952), first edition with dj, but dj has been historically reinforced with paper-tape to the spine. No 134 of 500 numbered copies. Nice that this copy is ex libris Scottish poet J K Annand. SOLD

  • Smith, Sydney Goodsir Skail Wind (Chalmers Press, 1941), first edition hardcover, no dj issued. A nice copy though worn to spine (still intact), this book notoriously fragile. Poet’s first collection, accordingly to Kulgin Duval approx. 80 produced. Rare. SOLD
  • Smith, Sydney Goodsir Omens (Macdonald, 1955), a limited edition pamphlet of 300 copies, this being no 32. This copy additionally signed by Goodsir Smith to fellow poet Maurice Lindsay. Staples have been removed from this copy. SOLD

Snodgrass, W. D. American Poet – a pamphlet selection of Snogdrass’s poems printed for his German lecture tour, October to November 1972. Tatty and well-read, but scarce. £1

  • Snodgrass, W. D. Remains (Boa Editions, 1985), first edition pamphlet, one of 500 copies, good condition. £1

Sorescu, Marin Let’s Talk about the Weather and other poems (Forest Books, 1985), a good paperback first edition copy. This example a presentation copy from Sorescu to Martin Mooij, the then director of Poetry International and the Rotterdam Poetry Festival. £3

Soutar, William Poems in Scots (Moray Press, 1935), first edition with dj, slight tear to base of dj spine, otherwise good. Signed and dated by Soutar on title page SOLD

Spender, Stephen (with David Hockey illustrations) China Diary (Thames and Hudson, 1982), hardcover first edition with good dj, slight tear in one place. £3

Stafford, William Holding onto the Grass (Weatherlight Press, 1994), first paperback edition, very clean copy. SOLD

Stevenson, Anne The Fiction Makers (OUP: 1985), first edition paperback, in good condition. 50p

Summerfield, Maurice J. Barney Kessel: A Jazz Legend (Ashley Mark, 2008), a fine first edition of this authoritative book. £4

The Sycamore Miscellany (Sycamore Press, 1977), a lovely little letter press pamphlet, handstitched, presumably put out by John Fuller, one of fifty copies (no 20), ‘not for sale’. £5

Taylor, Rod Florida East Coast Champion (Straight Arrow Books, 1972), first edition paperback. Bizarrely with the pen ownership inscription of Donald Davie. £3

Tarn, Nathaniel Where Babylon Ends (Cape Goliard, 1967), first edition hardcover with dj, slightly faded to one panel, else very good. £5

Tessimond, A S J Voices in a Giant City (Heinemann, 1947), a first edition hardcover with worn and torn dj, clipped (better condition than my description makes out, actually) A serviceable copy of this collection by a poet who is slowly gaining a cult following. SOLD

Thomas, R.S An Acre of Land (Montgomeryshire Printing, 1952), this being the second impression, in good condition of Thomas’s second collection. Scarce. SOLD

Thomson, Derick (writing as Ruaraidh MacThomais) Saorsa agus an Iolaire (Gairm, 1977), this is a collection of poetry (hardbk with dj) in Gaelic with English translations, signed and dated by the poet. £7

Thomson, George Malcolm Caledonia or the Future of the Scots (Kegan Paul, c. 1925), first edition with dj (numerous small losses) of this controversial study which prompted C M Grieve to write Albyn £5

Thompson, Richard Beeswing (Faber, 2021), a first edition hardcover with dj and also with Thompson signed Faber plate stuck to titlepage. Edges of pages already showing evidence of sunning, else very good. £15

Todd, Thomas (T. T. Kilbucho) A small cache of five handwritten letters from the Biggar shepherd poet to ‘Stanley’ all discussing literary matters and Todd’s poetry, including Hugh MacDiarmid’s high estimation of it. Not all letters are dated but they appear to be from around 1972. For the lot £5.

Trevena, John (Ernest George Henham) A Pixy in Petticoats (Alston Rivers, 1906), first edition hardcover with torn feps and slightly worn appearance, else good. £5

Trevor, William A Bit on the Side (Penguin, 2004), a first edition harcover with very good dj. 50p

Turner, W. Price The Back-Court Piper: A Poem in Ten Parts. This is an original typescript of Turner’s long poem, on cheap, browned period paper , no authorial corrections but poet’s address is given. Perhaps a copy submitted to a journal or for radio. £2

  • Turner, W. Price Fables from Life (Northern House Pamphlet Poets, 1966), 50p

Ure, Joan Five Short Plays (Scottish Society of Playwrights, 1979), first edition hardback with unclipped dustwrapper. This was published one year after Ure’s untimely death, in a limited edition of 350 copies, this being no. 68. A good but rather foxed copy, ex libris Helena Forsas-Scott. £6

  • Ure, Joan The Tiny Talent: Selected Poems (Brae Editions, 2018), in new unread condition, this is one of 500 copies. £4

Verhaeren, Emile (interest) Verhaeren au Caillou-qui-Bique (illustrated exhibition catalogue from 1970). £1

Wainwright, Jeffrey The Important Man (Northern House, 1970), first edition pamphlet, smoke stained, slight crease to front, else fine. Inscribed by author to Irish poet Richard Kell. £1

Walcott, Derek (et al) contributes to Leaving School (London Magazine Editions, 1966), this is a softcover first edition of a collection of reminiscences by famous writers about their experiences of leaving school. A good copy, one dogear to front cover. £2

Ward, Colin (interest) Remembering Colin Ward 1924-2010 (Five Leaves, 2011), £2

Watson, William Poems (MacMillan, 1892), first edition hardcover, no dj, boards showing some wear, slight cup mark to front cover. However, this copy is not only ex libris Giles Gordon, it also has the wonderful dedication in pen of the author to the great late Victorian author Coulson Kernahan. £20.

West, Nathaniel The Day of the Locust (Grey Walls Press, 1951), the first English edition of this now classic critique on Hollywood. Complete with unclipped dj, though soiled to spine and showing signs of use, smoke colouration etc. £4

White, Jess (with Will Burns) Germ Songs (Rough Trade Books, 2019), first edition pamphlet, excellent condition, signed by both authors with original bookmark enclosed. £2

Williams, Tony All the Rooms of Uncle’s Head (Nine Arches Press, 2011), a first edition pamphlet signed by the poet to Sheila (Dyson), wife of Fred Dyson, an Alnwick man very active in the local poetry scene. £2

Wilkinson, John Tracts of the Country (Oasis Books, 1977), a tidy first edition pamphlet of these relatively early poems, sadly a few light dents on the back cover. 50p

Wilson, Colin The Outsider (Gollancz, 1956), a first edition hardcover (no dj) of this phenomenally successful book which perhaps doesn’t really stand up to scrutiny today. £2

Wilson, H. James Zalmoxis and other poems (Elliot Stock, 1892), first edition hardcover in very good order. £3

Wood, Wendy I Like Life (Moray Press, 1938), a hardcover, minus dj, of this early autobiography by this Scottish nationalist firebrand, surprisingly scarce. Well-read but still a decent copy with pencil ownership inscription. £5

Woodcock, George The Centre cannot hold (Routledge, 1943), first edition softcover in dust-wrapper, good condition considering this series is notoriously fragile, spine shoes some wear but is largely unfaded. £4

Wormald, Mark Stills and Reflections (Sycamore Press, 1988), a Newdigate Prize winning

poem from 1988, nice but bent slightly at the bottom. 50p

Yeats, W B (interest), contributes to The Savoy: An Illustrated Quarterly issues 1 and 2 (Smithers, Jan-April 1896), one of the quintessential decadent literary journals, here for sale the first two issues, retaining the vivid Aubrey Beardsley covers. These copies are good but have been professionally re-spined (photos on request), Christmas card not present. £80 for both.

Yeats, W. B (interest) contributes to both volumes of The Pageant (1896-1897), two first edition hard cover volumes of the complete run of this fugitive decadent journal. Both volumes carry the bookplate of Scottish author Compton Mackenzie, issue 1 being more worn than issue 2 (photos on request) £70 for both volumes.

Young, Andrew The Death of Eli and other poems (John G Wilson, 1921), a scarce early collection by Canon Andrew Young, first edition softcover, generally good though bumped and a bit dogeared with slight beverage splash to bottom of front cover. £5

  • Young, Andrew Boaz and Ruth and other poems (John G Wilson, 1920), a scarce early collection by Canon Andrew Young, first edition softcover, slightly fragile. £5

Young, Augustus Danta Gradha: Love Poems from the Irish (Menard Press, 1975), first edition pamphlet, limited to 500 copies, this being 108, additionally gifted by Tony Rudolf to Richard Burns. £2

2 thoughts on “Here’s to 2022: A book catalogue

  1. *Dear Richie,*

    *Many thanks for the book list – a great read to start the new year! I’ve popped 3 titles below that I’d be interested in……..any idea of a ‘ballpark’ figure for p&p on these to Herefordshire? * *Cheers.* *Roger Hare*

    *Green, Lynne* *Wilhelmina Barns-Graham: A Scottish Artist in St Ives £2*

    *Stafford, William* *Holding onto the Grass *(Weatherlight Press, 1994), first paperback edition, very clean copy. £1

    *Tessimond, A S J **Voices in a Giant City *(Heinemann, 1947), a first edition hardcover with worn and torn dj, clipped (better condition than my description makes out, actually) A serviceable copy of this collection by a poet who is slowly gaining a cult following. £7

    On Fri, 7 Jan 2022, 13:05 The Lyrical Aye: Richie McCaffery, wrote:

    > richiemccaffery posted: ” Happy browsing bookworms and bibliomanes! Richie > McCaffery 4 Morwick Road Warkworth Morpeth Northumberland NE65 0TD Email: > Tel: 01665 710122 Postage is extra and > photos of books / manuscripts a” >


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