Winter spring-clean out booksale ADDENDA!

Rules the same as before, postage is extra unless you buy a bundle and I waive it. Photos for anything available on request. If there’s anything you fancy here please contact me at Cheers!

Adair, Gilbert Steakweasel (Magenta, 1987), first edition of this experimental poetry collection by a now cult author. Good condition, slight creasing to spine. SOLD

Baldwin, James Going to Meet the Man (Michael Joseph, 1965), first UK edition hardcover with price-clipped dj. An ok copy, dj slightly faded and worn in places and the book itself has a gift inscription. £5

Batchelor, Paul (and J. P. Nosbaum), Fighting in the Captain’s Tower (Hawthorn, 2002), Batchelor’s scarce first pamphlet, this copy signed by Batchelor to ‘Joyce’. £3

Benveniste, Asa Poems: Joe DiMaggio No. 12 (1975) an a4 stapled production with card covers and pasted in photograph. Quite a scarce item, in good but aged condition. SOLD

Berrigan, Ted The Sonnets (Grove Press, 1964), first edition softcover in very good condition with gift presentation: ‘For Barry – to cherish forever and ever, but don’t take it too seriously. Fred 21/1/69’. I bought this from a lot of books from Terry Kelly’s library and strongly suspect this is a copy gifted by Fred Buck to Barry MacSweeney, though cannot prove this link. SOLD

Brautigan, Richard In Watermelon Sugar (Cape, 1970), first UK edition, hardcover with dj. Lean to spine and nibbled dj. An ok copy. £8

  • Brautigan, Richard A Confederate General from Big Sur (Cape, 1970), first UK edition hardcover with dj (clipped), very faded spine and some tears to dj, slight lean. An ok copy £8
  • Brautigan, Richard The Abortion: An Historical Romance 1966 (Cape, 1973), first UK edition hardcover with dj. A good copy with slightest lean, some tears to dj £8
  • Brautigan, Richard The Hawkline Monster: A Gothic Western (Cape, 1975), first UK hardcover edition with dj. A good copy, though some tears to dj and a small stamp-sized loss to backcover. £8

Brown, Andy Centre Parting (Nettley Knoll Publishing, 1994), this is Brown’s extremely rare and self-published first poetry pamphlet. One of 20 copies, this being no. 2. A work disowned by the poet, but a fascinating glimpse into his early development. SOLD

  • Brown, Andy, The Sleep Switch (Odyssey Poets, 1996), an early pamphlet by Brown in very good condition. £2

Carter, Angela (interest), a pamphlet issued by the Arvon Foundation marking the resident writers 17-22 November 1975, signed by both tutors Angela Carter and Alexis Lykiard. A little faded and handled, but a very rare thing signed. SOLD

Cooper-Clarke, John I Wanna Be Yours (Picador, 2020), first edition hardcover with very good dj, special signed edition with bookseller’s ‘Signed Copy’ label to front. SOLD

Corvo, Baron (F. R. Rolfe), The Rubaiyat of Umar Khaiyam (John Lane, 1903), this is the first edition of Corvo’s bizarre English rendering of this work. This copy is very good, though the corners of the boards have been slightly bumped. Has the ex libris bookplate of Felix Dennis (whether or not this adds or detracts from the value of the book is a matter of perspective…). SOLD

Empson, William Seven Types of Ambiguity (Chatto and Windus, 1930), a first edition hardcover, lacking the dj, generally very good but a slight dent to top of spine. What I like so much about this copy is it has the rather grandiose bookplate of Thomas Rice Henn. Why on earth a Yeats scholar would be reading this is beyond me, but maybe he was just keeping abreast of the enemy position? Also has the pencilled ownership inscription of Paul McQuail. SOLD

Finlay, Ian Hamilton Collaborations (Cambridge Poetry Festival, 1977), a first edition pamphlet with dj, slightly grubby, else good. £7

  • Finlay, Ian Hamilton Heroic Emblems (Z Press, 1977), first edition softcover, in good condition but slight split to top of spine and faint crease to cover, hence £10
  • Finlay, Ian Hamilton – catalogue from Serpentine Gallery for the 1977 exhibition of IHF’s work. Good copy, slightly scuffed spine. £7
  • Finlay, Ian Hamilton, The Blue Sail (WAX366, 2002), first edition softcover in very good condition apart from faint bump to top of spine. £15
  • Finlay, Ian Hamilton (interest), an illustrated essay by Stephen Bann, 1972, a softcover first edition, in good condition though the spine has been broken in one place hence £5
  • Finlay, Ian Hamilton (interest), Tarasque 11 and 12 (c.1971), a very good copy of this rare journal with contributions from Finlay and friends. SOLD
  • Finlay, Ian Hamilton (interest), Soleil + Chair: A commemoration of the centenary of Arthur Rimbaud (Writers Forum, 1991, edited by Harry Gilonis. A very good copy of this rare, unusual tribute to Rimbaud with contributions from Hamilton Finlay, Bob Cobbing, Thomas A Clark, Nicholas Moore and many more. SOLD
  • Finlay, Ian Hamilton (interest), Poiesis: Aspects of Contemporary Poetic Activity (The FruitMarket Gallery, 1992), a lavish production, first edition hard cover, glossy pages with contributions from Finlay, Thomas A Clark, Robert Lax et al. SOLD

Gide, Andre Montaigne: An Essay in Two Parts (The Blackamore Press, 1929), first limited edition of 300 copies, this being 267, signed by Gide to the colophon. A good copy, slightly faded to spine with ownership inscription. SOLD

Graham, W. S. (interest), Two Fold Number 2 (November 1980), this little magazine contains poems and translations in French, Spanish and English. Contains translation of W S Graham poem by Marie-Andree Herrmann titled ‘Note a l’intrus’. Spine slightly creased. £2

Heaney, Seamus Sweeney’s Flight (Faber, 1992), large format poetry collection illustrated with photographs (by Rachel Giese). First edition with dustwrapper, generally good, however this is an ex-library copy (though a good one at that and no damage to the wrapper). SOLD

Herzong, Werner Of Walking in Ice (Cape, 1991), first edition softcover with dj, all excellent. A novel by this acclaimed director. £5

Howe, Fanny O’clock (Reality Street Editions, 1995), first UK edition, paperback, very good shape with pencilled ownership inscription of Michael Thorp. £5

Huxley, Aldous Brave New World (Chatto and Windus, 1932), this is the first edition of Huxley’s landmark book. No dj, alas, but a presentable, if well-read copy. Spine shows signs of wear but still intact, corners are all bumped. Sign of a book label to front board, though not a Boots Lending Library copy (I think, considering the spine is ok and it hasn’t been rebound – no signs of library ownership), contemporary ownership inscription. Not a copy for the perfectionist, but this is a seriously sought-after title, hence price of SOLD

Machen, Arthur A Fragment of Life (Secker, 1928), first edition in the Adelphi Library, no dj but a very good copy, slight fading to spine £10

Mojo Issue 1 – the very first issue (November 1993) of this significant music magazine, packed with fascinating articles on Lennon and Dylan and the like. In very good order with just one small crack in the spine. £8

Mort, Helen Parallax (Forest Publications, 2010), critically acclaimed poet Helen Mort’s first pamphlet, a rough and ready edition, this copy being in excellent condition. £6

O’Sullivan, Maggie Divisions of Labour (Galloping Dog Press, 1986), first edition of this early work by O’Sullivan, in excellent condition. SOLD

O’Sullivan, Maggie From the Handbook of that and Furriery (Writers Forum, 1986), scarce early work by O’Sullivan, a4 stapled with card covers hearing a genuine handprint in paint. A lovely production. SOLD

Pasolini, Pier Paolo A Violent Life (Cape, 1968), first English edition of this novel by Pasolini. Complete with dustwrapper which is slightly worn and grubby with some lost to back cover. Priced accordingly £10

Pirsig, Robert M Lila: An Inquiry into Morals (Bantam Press, 1991) first UK edition of Pirsig’s second book, in excellent condition with like dj. Flat signed by the author to the fep. SOLD

Prynne, J. H. They that haue Powre to Hurt: A Specimen of a Commentary on Shake-speares Sonnets (self-published, 2001), paperback, plain blue covers, gilt writing to spine. A rare example of a prose work by Prynne. SOLD

  • Prynne, J. H. Al-Dente (Face Press, 2015) second printing, small pamphlet, very good £7
  • Prynne, J. H. For the Monogram (Equipage, 1997), first edition pamphlet, very good, slightest creasing to spine. £12
  • Prynne, J. H. Word Order (Prest Roots Press, 1989), a handsome large pamphlet, excellent apart from small strip of fading to base at front cover. £15
  • Prynne, J. H. Kitchen Poems (Cape Goliard Press, 1968), an early collection by Prynne, this being the more common paperback edition. Dogeared to top corner, but generally ok, spine a little rubbed and faded and contemporary ownership inscription. £20
  • Prynne, J. H. (interest), Language Issue Number One (Ashley Hayles, ed. date unknown), contains a letter to the editor from Prynne. SOLD

Reading, Peter, Shitheads (Squirrelprick Press, 1989), a stiff card bound pamphlet of poems, limited edition of 200 copies, this being 72 and signed by Reading. £12

Rebel Inc (interest) three rare early pamphlets from Rebel Inc (each limited to 100 copies each). These being Middle Aged Schoolgirl Skiving by Kim Oliver (1993), This by Graham Fulton (1993) and Baz Poems by Kevin Cadwallender (1993). All copies very good apart from evidence of price ticket removal to rear. £10 for the lot.

Reinhardt, Django (interest), a biography and study of Reinhardt’s life and work by Charles Delaunay (Ashley Mark Publishing Company, 2004), this is a large hardback reprint in excellent condition with dustwrapper. £8

Riley, Denise Marxism for Infants (Street Editions, 1977), this is the first edition (limited to 300) of Riley’s rare first collection, issued in a4 format, stapled with card covers. This is a very good copy, slightly yellowed around the edges with edges and the slightest knocks to the corners. Signed by Riley in red biro in 1979 ‘Denise Riley’s first signed edition’. From the books of Richard Caddel, though not marked. Price firmly set at SOLD

Riley, Denise Stair Spirit (Equipage, 1992), rare pamphlet collection by Riley, this copy in very good condition with some fading to spine and edges. £8.

Robbe-Grillet, Alain Last Year at Marienbad (Calder, 1961), first edition paperback in generally good condition, though slight dogear to front cover and some handling wear to spine. Unfortunately a rubber ink stamp to fep too. Hence £5

Second Aeon No. 12 (ed, Peter Finch, c. early 70s), a good copy of this important literary magazine, staples to spine rusted, contributors include Barry MacSweeney, Pablo Neruda and Tom Raworth. £4

Senhouse, Roger (interest), Senhouse’s copy of Norman Douglas’s Mountains in the Sand (Secker, 1921), this being the ‘new edition’, no dj, occasional marginalia by Senhouse, pencil inscription. Slight lean to spine, else good. SOLD

Solstice 1 (ed. Phil Short, 1966), a good copy of this first issue of this rather important magazine. Contributions from Iain Sinclair, Tom Raworth and Gael Turnbull. £6

Sinclair, Iain (interest), C.C.C.P. 4 a keepsake of the fourth Cambridge conference of Contemporary Poetry (April 1994). A good copy, with poems by Sinclair, Fanny Howe and Peter Riley, among others. £3

  • Sinclair, Iain (interest), Poetry and Audience Volume 11 (1963-4), this rough, stapled production contains a very early contribution (the poem ‘Girl Underground’) from Sinclair (as well as Angela Carter). Some creasing and fading but undoubtedly rare. SOLD
  • Sinclair, Iain (interest), Poetry and Audience Volume 11, No. 12 (June 1964), this rough stapled production contains a very early contribution (the poem ‘Stasis of Moon’) by Iain Sinclair. Very rare but this copy slightly tatty, with a small patch of page loss to top corner of back page. SOLD
  • Sinclair, Iain The Firewall: Selected Poems (Etruscan Books, 2006), a first edition hardback copy with dj in good condition, flat signed by the author to title page. SOLD

Tambimuttu, ed. Festschrift for KFB (The Lyrebird Press, 1972), this being the rarer hardbound copy with dustwrapper. In very good condition this copy is additionally inscribed by Tambimuttu to Magnus Linklater. SOLD

Torrance, Chris The Book of Brychan (Galloping Dog Press, 1982), first edition (of 300 copies) of the fourth book of Torrance’s cult ‘Magic Door’ life’s work. This copy in very good condition with only a faint dog ear to bottom front cover. One of the rarer books in the Magic Door series. SOLD

Transition 5 (Shakespeare and Co, August 1927), a very early issue of this groundbreaking literary journal, featuring contributions from Hemingway, Joyce, Picasso, Eluard, Breton and many others. A very fragile production with some loss to spine and a small patch of the front cover missing. Regardless of the condition, copies of this issue seldom surface. £30

Waller, Robert James The Bridges of Madison County (Heinemann, 1993), the first UK edition of this book, better known now as a film with Clint Eastwood. This copy in very good order with dj, signed by the author to fep. £18

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