Four poems by Eileen Carney Hulme

As promised, today’s offerings come again courtesy of Eileen Carney Hulme. The previous set of poems by Eileen on this site were ‘prompt’ poems and they’ve elicited some of the most views of all entries and poems previously posted on this site. These poems come from Eileen’s upcoming pamphlet of love poems which is due from Indigo Dreams Publishing in 2021.


Come here

And I do
one step
I am leaves
to your branch.
It is summer
a storm
is holding itself
out at sea.
We are silent
this moment
has been long
in the making.
Let’s not move
let’s wait until
we taste rain
on our tongues.



Like island waves
you continue to return
rippling a sideways grin
holding out a hand
come dance with me

I gather pebbles, shells
pocketfuls of sunsets
and when I walk towards
or away
I leave a trail
so you will always know
where to find me

I call your name
out loud and the breeze
carries it to the shore
and like island waves
you continue to return

My heart waits
like sea glass tossed
as my former self.



The swifts came late
from their wintering grounds
keeping secret their routes
searching for dragonflies
building indoor nests.
You and I
blow as thistledown
wandering beachward
seeking the sea
where you tease
with your stone-skimming
skills and spin me
towards incoming tide.
I laugh and scream
repeating your name
you respond with silence,
lips finding the pale
shift of my throat.


In the slip of night

When worlds shift
and I cannot find
myself, I search for you.
In a house with no windows
I walk from room to room
opening doors into empty
I’ve brought no gifts
to tease you from your hiding
place. I call out your name
and the air does not stir.
And this pain, this small thing
I carry in my heart, travels
as the ghost of you.

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