New pamphlet from Mariscat

I’m deleriously happy to announce that I have a new pamphlet collection of 26 poems due out very soon from Mariscat Press in Edinburgh. These are all poems written since my return to the UK and to my native Northumberland after four years away in Belgium.

It has been a great pleasure and privilege to work with Hamish Whyte and Diana Hendryon this collection. Robert Dalrymple has done an amazing design job on the pamphelt and I am honoured that the artist Brent Millar has allowed one of his artworks to be used for the cover image. Here it is:

First hare cover

For anyone who might be interested, here’s a flyer about the collection with details of Mariscat Press and how to go about ordering it, which I dearly hope you will:



Richie McCaffery, First Hare


The Duke’s selling off his farmland

to the developers,

and still there’s nowhere

we seem to be able to live.


We move so much I sometimes

think we’re stolen goods.

I helped you spot your first hare.

This fact seems important now.


from ‘Northumbrian’


A new gathering of McCaffery’s pellucid poems of love, life

and family – imbued with a Northumbrian flavour.


Richie McCaffery is a poet, critic and independent scholar of Scottish

literature. He has published two collections with Nine Arches Press

and two pamphlets, including Spinning Plates (HappenStance 2012).

He lives in Alnwick, Northumberland.


MARISCAT PRESS         ISBN 978 1 9160609 5 1               £6.00


Order by post (Mariscat Press, 10 Bell Place, Edinburgh EH3 5HT)

or by email:  (


Pay by cheque (made out to Mariscat Press and sent to the press at above address)

or BACS (Bank of Scotland / Sort code 80 15 59 / Account no. 00413102)


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