Two poems by Stephen Bone

Although I’ve mostly published poems on this site for the first time, it’s good sometimes to give poems that have already been out into the world another chance, or another airing. These two poems by Stephen Bone come from his 2014 sequence In the Cinema (Playdead Press). ‘The Rest Of Him’ appeared in Smiths Knoll and ‘In The Cinema’ appeared in The Rialto. Stephen’s most recent collection is Plainsong (Indigo Dreams, 2018) and he has a micro pamphlet due out from Hedgehog Press in 2020.


The Rest Of Him

He went out more.
Did more.

Worked his address book
from A – Z.

Grew a beard,
mapped out his days,

took himself away
whenever he could.

The rest of him
somewhere behind.

In The Cinema

Your whispered
silently replay
themselves –

‘Don’t tell me how it ends,
don’t spoil it for me’.


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