A poem by Chris Powici

As I mentioned in my previous post, this poem is intended as a companion piece to Helen Lamb’s poem ‘Spell of the bridge’. Chris Powici, Helen’s partner, lives in Dunblane and is a poet, writer and creative writing tutor / Teaching Fellow at Stirling University. His most recent collection is the lapidary This Weight of Light from Red Squirrel Press. For more information on Chris, check out this fascinating interview with Kirsty Gunn. He is at work on a new pamphlet collection. This poem, an elegy, needs no more introduction but it’s worth pointing out that it originally appeared online at The Grantidote.



i.m. Helen Lamb


These things are happening now:


an April wind

rook nests swaying in the trees like dark bells

the thought of her, in the garden, watching.


Ferns tremble by the shed door.

Last night’s rain drips from the firethorn leaves.


All this brilliant shock of world

and the thought of her watching.


Everything now.

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