A poem by Sally Evans

To kick off this new series of poems in very uncertain times, we have a fine musical poem in the Sapphic ode celebrating creativity from the Callander poet, writer and bookseller Sally Evans, taken from her debut novel about poetry, planned for publication in 2021.


The Sun God


This small rectangular garden reminds me

how a friend of a friend finally took me

to a Mithraeum on a snowy morning

in someone else’s boots.


We sat, intruding on the spectacular

demonstration of sunrise in religion,

two of us brought together unwillingly

then scared by a goose.


In secret religions a creator dies

and love is at the heart of it in some way,

Maverick. Sex and religion are dangerous

to writers and poets.


This is a Sapphic metre. It has dance-steps

also a tune. I swore I would not give up

love for poetry. Both are bound together.

You have decided.


The goose will return soon, so will the sun-god.

Life will hassle and always be in the way

throwing me its obligations and delights.

Only gods can fly.


Served by the poets and archaeologists,

these rectangular gardens are our churches,

Damsons fall from the trees, but we won’t notice.

We will be working.


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